Tuesday, May 11, 2010

How can I make my hair and nails grow faster?

Hi OK, so my hair is I think about to my shoulder and I get really frustrated because I can never do any hairstyles to the side. Is there anyway that I can have it grow faster?

Also, I find it that it's easier to do french manicures on my finger nails if I have that white part hanging over the end of my finger. Is there anyway I can make them grow faster? I just cut them yesterday.

Thanks!How can I make my hair and nails grow faster?
Prenatal vitamins make your hair and nails grow fast, but they are oftentimes what makes pregnant women sick. I know several people who were fine with pregnancy, but the prenatal vitamins made them very nauseous.

Instead of taking those, you can get Hair, Skin, and Nails vitamins just about anywhere in the vitamin aisle. They have a special formula of the vitamins that your hair, skin, and nails need to be healthy and grow. I have taken them in the past and didn't have any problems with it. Try that.How can I make my hair and nails grow faster?
I would say not to use chemicals on your hair.Why don't you go for some home remedies. Egg whites, lemon juice, oil massages, reducing stress and diet changes can reduce hair fall and make it healthier.You can find more cheap, effective and natural home remedies for hair loss as well as for healthy hair at http://www.wellnesstalk.org/hairfall.htm鈥?/a>
Take hair and skin vitamins most herbal stores sell them, and they work really good. If you don't have any near you you can check these out online:

Swanson's health products (really good and really cheap!)

Penn Herb Company

Good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
For the hair thing, get a SMALL trim. Dead ends make it grow slower. Its kinda like one step back and 3 steps forward. A small trim will make it grow very quickly.
eat healthier get a good growth nail polish enriched with vitamins, so it won't just stretch your nails and won't break as easily.
Take prenatal vitamins! It works.

Also drink a lot of water, it's just good for you anyway.
origanil yogurt helps hair grow faster but idk about nails

i herd about it from a doctor
No, you cannot make your hair or nails grow faster.
Take pre-natal vitamins.
Prenatal vitamins
I've heard protein makes them grow faster
wish for them to grow.
prenatal vitamins

but thouse are for prego people..
prenatal pills
Get some more calcium
eat more proteins!

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