Friday, May 14, 2010

What does the white lines in your nails mean?

I've got small white lines in my nails most people don't have them so I was wondering what do they mean. Some people tell me it means I lack Calcium.What does the white lines in your nails mean?
I have also been told that it is a calcium deficiency. An alternative suggestion is that they are similar to small bruises / niks that you get on your skin, but because the skin under your nail is obscured by the nail and does not come in contact with air, the mini-bruises turn white.What does the white lines in your nails mean?
ya its deficiency of calcium!
need calcium. drink milk
i believe my sister once told me that it meant you have a vitamin deficency....try taking a multi-vitamin or maybe a vitmain made exclusively for hair %26amp; nails.
I was told some time ago that it was a deficiency of the mineral zinc.
no it's actually calcium deposits.
Lack of iron, take some multi vitamins with iron or else there are special nail, hair, skin supliments. You can get them if you drink soy milk as it bleaches iron from your system.鈥?/a>鈥?/a>

Got rid of mine with iron but calcium seems to work, so maybe calcium helps absorb iron or vice a versa and maybe zinc?
you need to eat some red meat like beef steaks
WTF.. funny for me it means im gonna have money or something to wait. and it is coinsidential as when it went to the very tip of my nail i got something new or i got money lol...
Yes it does mean a deficiency in Calcium

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